After Belle’s Recovery House

During the last 2 months of the program at Belle’s House, you will spend careful contemplation on where to go once the program is completed; so that by the time you are ready to leave the house, you have a step by step plan.

Here are some examples:

  • One of our guests during The Life Skills portion of the program decided to revisit an old dream of hers to be a nurse practitioner. She was on a mission to do the necessary research she needed in order to create a step by step plan on how she would accomplish it.  By the time she left the program, she had already sent in an application to her choice of studies. She had created a plan that was perfect for her, and she knew that in order to maintain her new lifestyle, she needed to always be in a state of advancement and growth.
  • Another guest decided that she wanted to be part of the solution and work towards a full time position at one of our locations, she signed up for The Intensive Life Coaching Program that we offer to our staff as well as our graduates from Belle’s Recovery House. When the 6 month course was over, she was ready to start the Intensive Life Coaching Program.
  • We had a guest who was starting from scratch; she had lost everything during her dependency. She was divorced and her ex- husband had full custody of the kids but she did have visitation rights, which allowed her to join our program for the Mommy and Me Program. But she found herself homeless, with no prior education but she managed to turn her life around during the program, and was going to go through The Intensive Life Coaching Program offered at Belle’s Recovery House. We offered her options for housing through our after care house that is used specifically for our guests who have completed the program and are starting over completely.

In keeping with our theme for a completely balanced, highly effective program, we have included several programs in our After Belle’s House Programs.  We have found that when our guests are ready to leave and graduate from the program, they have been completely transformed into strong, confident, determined women with a great blueprint for life.

Other programs that are offered to you after you have completed the program at Belle’s House are:

In-depth career exploration those are included in Life Skills

Intensive Life Coaching Program

Out of Residence Care Programs

Housing for Those in Need

Family/Marital Counseling Sessions with a psychologist from Belle’s House

Daycare services to help you get back into the swing of things.  What you learned during the program is related to what is taught at the daycare; the kids are taught to value themselves.

If in the case that our guest feels that they need extra time on certain areas of their lives, they are able to speak to us about it, and we will kindly offer whatever help they need.

Every situation is unique and we create a step by step plan with every guest so that they are able to continue with their growth and on their life purpose.

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