Art Therapy

Art Therapy at Belle’s House.  In order to recreate your life and make the lifelong changes you desire to make, it is important to find different channels of expression.  While some of you will thrive in our Creative Writing for Therapeutic Purposes course, others are visual and excel in the Art Therapy portion of the program.

Being able to effectively express yourself fearlessly in a way that benefits all is priceless.  Art Therapy is a fun, powerful program that is offered 2 times a week throughout the whole program.

We know that not all of you are  going to find it as easy to express yourselves through verbal communications;it can be a difficult thing to do at first depending on your unique personality. We have thought of everything by  including in our program a powerful therapeutic course such as Art Therapy.

Some of the artwork teachings we have are:






Drawing / Sketching

Vision boards and collages

Paper mache


Self portraits of past, present, and future

Rock painting

We work on a different theme and project every week and are always looking for new suggestions from you because after all, this is all about you!


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