Creative Writing for Therapeutic Purposes

You are given a journal when you arrive at Belle’s House.  Writing for therapeutic purposes is extremely important, even if some of you have never written in a journal before.  Everything written in your journal is completely private and nobody will ever ask to read it.

Our writing classes start the second day you arrive, and are experienced in a relaxing, naturally lit room which allows you to have the atmosphere to privately express yourself through your writing.

 The creative writing class continues all through the program, and progresses gradually into writing your own autobiography for you to either share with the world one day, or keep private. 

We will never tell you what to do with your writing or how to write, what we do is have an amazing writing class taught at the house, and we make suggestions. Write anyway you are comfortable with; the important thing is to shed light onto places and memories that we have left in the dark.

Many have benefited from this course, and we promise you will benefit too.


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