Listed here are a few F.A.Q.s that may be useful.

Q:  Am I allowed visits?

A: Yes, our guests are allowed visits. Our visits page describes in full, the visitation information.

Q:  Are family and/or friends allowed bringing me in things like clothing, hygiene products, etc?

A: Yes, items that are on the ‘What to Bring’ page on our website only.

Q:  Do I have housekeeping to do?

A: No, you are there for your therapy and we want you to focus on your recovery. However, you are responsible for cleaning up after yourself and tidying up your room, although the housekeepers thoroughly clean everyone’s room once a month, which is optional, you’re free to do this on your own.

Q:  Is there a waiting list to get into the program?

A: Yes there is. Starting dates of the program are on the website, we run each program twice a year in all three of our locations, and they all have different start dates. In all three locations, per year we provide our services to 36 women only.

Q:  What is the policy regarding medications or prescription drugs?

A:  No, we do not accept guest who are on any kind of medications. We are a completely natural based program.

Q:  Can I bring my vehicle?

A: No. If you need to be picked up, we will make arrangements for transportation.

Q:  Is the house wheelchair accessible?  What if I have a physical disability?

A: No, the houses are not wheelchair accessible.

Q: What is the diet like for the kids on the weekends?

A: In keeping with our theme of healthy lifestyle, we make fun, healthy meals for the kids on the weekends.

Q: What time do I have to start my day?

A:  The programs starts at 9:00 A.M and we ask that all guests are ready for the first program by this time. Every guest is different, some need an hour or two to prepare for their days, others only need a few moments.

Q:  Do I need spending money?

A:  Everything is included in our fee’s. You don’t have to pay for anything once participating in the program.

Q:  Can I make phone calls?

A:  Yes, of course you can make phone calls whenever you are not in programs. The house has 3 phones that our guests are free to use.  Cell phones are not permitted in the house.

Q:  Where exactly are the specific locations of the houses?

A:  We keep the exact locations of the house off the website, but the general locations are White Rock, B.C, Langley B.C and Vancouver, BC

Q:  Do you accept heroin addicts?

A:  At this time, we do not accept heroin addicts unless they have been clean and off heroin for at least       3 months. We are a completely natural based program and do not have the medical staff qualifications required for a detoxification program.

Q:  Is Belle’s Recovery House a detoxification program?

A:  No, we do not accept guests who need to detoxify.

Q:  What is the refund policy?

A:  After a phone interview and during the in-person interview, we spend time with every guest making sure that they are ready to go through with the program.  We are a privately funded recovery program that puts all of our profits into advancing our mission to help women live better lives.  We do not issue any refunds once the guests have confirmed their place; however we of course understand that life is complicated and emergency situations arise, in those cases we offer delays in the start dates to our guests.

Q:  What are the reasons for being asked to leave the program?

A: We have never had to ask a guest to leave the program.  Because of our intensive interview process and the time we take to interview each guest, when they start the program they are sure about going through the complete process, and we are sure that they are committed. Asking a guest to would be for reasons that she has not been truthful about. Possibly a mental illness which is becoming a problem or violence or compromisation of the setting by using drugs/alcohol.

Q: Do I have to be a parent to join the program?

A: Yes. Because we are passionate about our Mommy and Me Program, it is an important part of the program we only accept parents who are able to participate in the Program. We have made exceptions for guests who have close relationships with nieces/nephews.

Q: What happens after we leave Belle’s Recovery House?

A: We spend several hours during the last 2 months of the program looking at what direction each of our guests want to go in once the 6 month treatment program is completed.  We offer an Intensive Life Coaching Program that is 6 months long for those guests who want to advance themselves further through our programs. We also have a living program for some of our guests who have completed their program.  Our guests have explored their options before they have left the house. Transformation is a lifelong processes our guests leave Belle’s Recovery House with confidence in themselves and the ability to realize their dreams.  For further information please have a look at our after Belle’s Recovery House programs page.

Q: What forms of payment are available?

A: Pay Pal, private insurance from employers, self paid, certified cheques, credit cards and we do have a payment plan which is worked on and paid before our guests are able to start.


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