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Your Body: What would you do without it?

At Belle’s House we appreciate the importance of taking care of our bodies and we know that when women go through the process of recovery, there is often the tendency to switch one addiction with another, and most times it is resorting to an eating addiction. We certainly do not wish for this to happen, which is why we serve a well balanced and effective diet to you, so you are constantly going in the direction of looking and feeling amazing.

At Belle’s House we have a nutritionist come to the house regularly to teach you about the importance of taking care of your body.  You will learn what foods and drinks affect the body positively as well as negatively. What brings natural energy into the body and what drains the energy out of our bodies. The hazards of sugar and how it affects even our moods.

You will enjoy a full time kitchen staff that is trained in healthy eating and living, who prepares amazingly delicious, healthy meals.  You will always find healthy snacks throughout the kitchen available 24 hours a day to you to enjoy.   We are a strictly vegetarian menu, but we do enjoy amazing sweets made with natural ingredients and everything is made by hand. We are not fanatic about this subject, just aware.

We all know that part of a healthy lifestyle requires regular exercise for our bodies to be the best that they can be.  We have made daily exercise part of our program. Sometimes we take walks through the forests or along beaches, we horseback ride, swim, bike and sometimes go rollerblading, skating and hiking. Please keep in mind that not everyone is expected to be at the same level of fitness, we never push you past your limit.

We are all about teaching you how to protect and cherish your physical form,, that includes not smoking of course.  If you are a smoker please let us know and we will make some simple suggestions that make the quitting process easier. Keep in mind that all of the staff are also non smokers, so this will make the process of quitting much easier, not being around the smell or temptation.  Please don’t allow the fear you may feel on the topic of quitting smoking stop you from applying for the help you need, we promise you that you are so much more powerful than any addiction could ever be.

Treat yourself to Belle’s House Residential Program and your life will never be the same.

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