Individual Private Counseling Sessions

At Belle’s Recovery House we recognize the fact that every human on this planet is unique and has different experiences in life.  Our program is offered for groups of 6 women each in our 3 locations. You will start on this wonderful adventure with 5 other women, and together, you will live and go through the group programs. You will come to know one another and share memories and laughter with each other. You will become sisters, guaranteed.

At Belle’s House, the atmosphere of love and kindness is always thick, and we pride in this. The staff and members of the program are always welcoming and supportive, no matter what, and we pride in this too.

But we know that the women we help are individuals, and your individuality is respected, valued and celebrated here.  And with keeping to our theme of an effective, well balanced, unique transformational program, we have included in our program 2 hour weekly individualized counseling sessions, where each guest benefits from private sessions with a psychologist at the house. Every guest is given the opportunity to create a unique individualized private therapy solution shaped to fit their specific needs delivered with a pleasing personality that is our trade mark.

 This provides the personalized therapy that everyone needs to address each specific situation, this is their time to get the professional help they so badly need and deserve. 

In keeping with our theme of a well balanced treatment program we have given careful consideration to the need of spousal relationships also.  You will find a detailed description of what is offered in relationship training on our Family Program page.  We would never forget about including them.

We offer a secure, confidential and comfortable setting with our professional psychologists.

Every thought that went into the creation of the program at Belle’s Recovery House was done with you in mind.

We are so glad you could make it.

Belle’s recovery House

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