Life Skills Programs

We offer an intensive Life Skills Program at Belle’s House

We address important subjects on self awareness most of us pass our whole lives never getting to know ourselves; some of us have never looked ourselves in the eye, we don’t even think of saying good morning to ourselves, we just go through life numb and unaware. By the time we are 35 years old we are living on automatic programming; unless we stop and become the observer of ourselves and start asking some serious questions to ourselves.

Some of the Life Skills Programs are:

Positive Thinking and Affirmations  You are what you think you are, and that is a fact

Self image  What do you really think of yourself?

Self Value and Self Esteem  Trust yourself to achieve anything you put your mind to. Become self reliant and confident.

Who Am I? Looking yourself deep in the eye and saying hello for the first time.

The Woman in Me Learn how to properly give yourself what you deserve. We often forget about ourselves and try to meet everyone else's needs; in the end not being able to meet any needs at all.

Parenting After a Traumatic Experience Learn how to effectively deal with your children with the understanding that your children have been hurt badly during your dependency stages. They will need their healing time too.

Relationship Training How to experience strong, long lasting relationships with yourself and others.

Communications Learn how to effectively communicate with yourself and the world.

You and Your Personality Teaches you how to have a pleasing personality; understanding that when you smile the world smiles with you.

Is Your World a Friendly Place? Here we look at what some of the ideas and programming you have about your understanding of the world.  You will be surprised at how many of the beliefs you hold and live by that don’t even come from yourself, but from what you were led to believe by others during your life.


What Are Your Values and Passions? Find out what is important to you and learn to live a valuable life.

Change What does change mean to you?

Empowerment Classes Knowing that you are the highest form of creation and that you can achieve all of your hearts desires.

Problem Solving Learn to become part of the solution to any situation and to find opportunities in every experience. Understand that every experience good or bad has shown up in your life to teach you something.

What Are You Afraid Of? Examining all of your fears and learn  skills that you can use to illuminate any fear. You are bigger than all your fears put together.

Living Your Purpose Finding out what your idea of your perfect life is, and creating a blueprint to follow.

Motivational exercise - you have to RUN after what you want with a burning desire; you can’t walk or stroll after your dreams, you have to RUN after your dreams.



These are just some of the topics we offer an intensive look at during our Life Skills Program. In order to move forward and realize our  greatness, we really must change who we are and recreate ourselves into who we want to be. Which means shedding light onto the darkest corners of our inner selves, and possibly saying hello to ourselves for the first time in our lives. You will take your own hand, hold your head high and go into the realm of change and infinite possibilities.

We look forward to you,

 Belle’s  House

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