Mindfulness Meditation and Guided Visualization

 The average human has 60,000 thoughts per day; we lose our concentration every 8 seconds which is about 6-8 times per minute.  Our minds are racing at high volumes all day long.  The brain processes over 400 billion bits of information a second, but we are only aware of 2,000.  The reality of this is shocking to hear.  Ninety-five percent of our thoughts are repeated daily and reflect the mindset or beliefs we hold.

So with this knowledge along with the knowledge that we are what we think we are, we have made mindful meditation a regular part of our daily program. It is a simple, peaceful way of sitting quietly with ourselves so that we can begin to observe ourselves in a peaceful practice.

We know we cannot control all of our thoughts, that would drive us crazy and it is not possible. However, what we can do is start to learn how to quiet down the endless chatter and live more peaceful lives.

Guided Visualization is a powerful tool that uses imagination to guide you into the best version of yourself, living the greatest life you possibly can.  The subconscious is not able to tell the difference between what is real and what is imaginary, therefore with learning the skills of visualization we can replace our old program with new ones, and have fun doing it.  


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