In keeping with our theme of a complete balanced Transformation Program we have included a big portion of our Program to Families which include Mommy and Me Program and Spousal Program.

Mommy and Me Program

Weekends are for the kids!

Because of the length of the program at Belle’s Recovery House, we have created the Mommy and Me Program.

It is not healthy for your relationship with your children to be separated for long lengths of time with a couple hours visits a few days a week. We know you have suffered through so much for so long and so have your children.  We want you to show your children that you are able to accomplish anything you put your mind to  and that they are not left out of this change by having your kids spend weekends and holidays with you.

This gives the healing process a gradual introduction and a much easier transition when you are ready and able to take back your role as a primary caregiver to them.  Both parties will have gotten the necessary adjustment time to ease into this new, healthy relationship.

Often what we find when the mother is done with a residential program and returns to her children, the parent has made huge changes and enters into the full time parental role, only to be met with children that have not had the healing time required.

Their relationship left off at the time the parent left; the child is still on defense from the hurt that comes from an addicted/ alcoholic parent and life at home is not easy for either of them.

The parent has the understanding that because they are healed, they are able to just easily enter back into the parental role, only to be greeted by hostile children who don’t even know their mother anymore. The severity of hostility ranges with age, the older the child the angrier they are.

So in keeping to our theme of a completely balanced program, we cannot leave out your relationship with your children.

At Belle’s  House we are big supporters of quality time with our kids!  Every weekend starting on Friday night at 4:00 P.M your kids ages 0-18 are invited to come spend the weekend with you, and can stay until Sunday at 6:00 P.M.

These visits are a part of our program and continue through the whole program. Our children have suffered enough and they need healing and bonding time with you.

We let everything else go during this time; the weekends are dedicated to your kids. During the week we will go over our activity options with you for the upcoming weekend and decided by a majority vote on what to do.

Every weekend your children will leave with a book that is age appropriate and a CD that was recorded during the week by you reading the complete book out loud, so that when they are not with you, they can play the CD and read along with your soothing voice which is a very special time for them.  They will be given a CD player that they can use to listen to you read to them anytime they wish.

Every weekend your kids will also leave with a picture of you and them that was taken during their stay at Belle’s Recovery House.

This program extends into holidays, and the summertime schedule has extended days. (Some exceptions are made for older children 18+, we will have gone over that with you if you have older kids during the interview process).

This program was inspired for every woman who has ever suffered through addictions, but especially for the kids who have had to live through it with them.


Spousal Program

The spousal program is not part of our regular program because not all of our guests have spouses; however it is a regular portion of the program offered to our guests who have spouses.

In keeping with our theme of a well balanced program that addresses every area of our guest’s lives, we have created a great spousal program.

Sometimes relationships cannot endure the stresses of a loved one who is behaving insanely due to addictions and substance abuse and they fall apart.

Some are irreparable and are gone forever, some are temporarily broken by a separation, and others have stayed in the environment and have been through hell, a painful experience where they have watch helplessly daily while their loved ones self destruct.

We cannot claim to be a well balanced transformational program if we don’t address your spousal relationships. The devastating result of that would be a broken home once you return after treatment, with huge problems that you may not have the knowledge to deal with on your own.

So with that in mind we offer our guests spouses 1 hour of individual therapy a week at a convenient location for them and 1 hour a week for marital counseling offered together to both guest and their spouse at the house.  So that their relationship can be healing while our guests get the help they need,

Their spouses are not left out of the solution.

The last thing we are after is for our guests to transform their lives and loose a valuable relationship afterwards.

Our goals in creating the program offered at Belle’s House is perfection, we accept only serious quality in every employee and volunteer.  Our guests’ lives depend upon our promise of complete transformation through the process of our program.

We are glad you all could make it, welcome to your new world of change and infinite possibilities.

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