Sauna Purification Program

The body has limited ways to eliminate toxins from our bodies; they are through the liver, the intestines, the kidneys, the respiratory tract, and the skin through sweat glands.

The air we breathe is polluted,

The water we drink is not clean,

The food we eat is processed.

Being exposed to everyday chemicals and toxins the body is working in overdrive trying to naturally illuminate them from our system. Unfortunately before some of them are illuminated they enter into our body’s tissues and fatty cells and can stay there for many years.

 Our body cells lack oxygen, vitamins, minerals and enzymes, our organs of detoxification and excretion are overwhelmed and our body is overloaded with waste products and toxic metabolites which render it vulnerable to all sorts of bacteria and viruses.

We want to keep the body healthy and happy, at Belle’s House we learn to be kind to our bodies, through a healthy diet, sauna treatments to help purify our bodies, regular exercise.

 In keeping with a well balanced transformation program we make taking care of our physical self an important part of the program at Belle’s House.

We start our sauna purification program during the first week and it is continued all through the program. 

Even your skin will glow.


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