The Quantum World

So we have looked closely at our inner world, and have found that we are truly amazing. 

In order to truly get a balanced understanding of Life, we now need to understand the outer world we live in.

 Please do not be intimidated by this portion of our program, as you have already moved mountains within.  At this stage of the program you will be eager and interested in learning every aspect of your existence. 

However be aware you are about to be awed with such wonderful ideas of your world and how you control everything.

During the program we will be looking at some of the new scientific information that deals directly with you. Life  and your universe.

Some of the classes that will be offered and taught mainly by media sources from physicists are

Basic understanding in:

Quantum mechanics which is the branch of physics relating to the very small such as energy and the understanding that everything is energy including you.

Quantum Physics, and your life experience, they’re not as different or as separate as you may think and believe.  Proven studies have shown that your thoughts, beliefs and emotions shape your world. You alone shape matter

The new scientific discoveries into Epigenetics that teaches us that we are not doomed after all to be just like our parents.  Epigenetics is now proven that 50% of our genes are hereditary, while the other 50% are environmental, they change depending on your environment.

You will never be the same after you have become aware of how you shape everything into existence.

Welcome to the crossroads of consciousness and science where nothing makes sense, and the theory of every possibility is on the table.

We look forward to walking you through a new dimension of reality one full of wonder and delightful surprises that is all part of your transformation into greatness!

Welcome to the world of infinite possibilities and change

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