Welcome to Belle’s House

Welcome to Belle’s House where every guest enjoys their own private rooms.

When we created the program at Belle’s House we thought about the most important inclusion right down to the smallest.

We didn’t invite you to be a guest so that you could spend precious time doing chores daily around the house, no. You are at the house to spend your time becoming the greatest version of yourself and waking up as the powerful woman you are, which takes time and effort. Belle’s House has full time housekeeping staff that are there to keep the house tidy while you work on you.

Our chef prepares beautiful healthy meals while you are in programs, and always has available fresh snacks and healthy drinks.

The house is spacious with very brightly lit rooms which let in the natural light of the day, filled with beautiful plants all through the house.

You will find comfortable sitting rooms throughout the house where you are welcome to sit and just relax.

We have classrooms that offer a comfortable inspiring atmosphere for you to explore your infinite possibilities while being surrounded by amazing people and positivity, beautiful spaces that will help your environmental atmosphere and leave you feeling comfortable and safe.
The outside grounds are carefully cared for by a maintenance crew, who keep the grounds looking beautiful and cared for all year round.

We would like you to feel comfortable and relaxed and invite you to 'make yourself at home'! If there is something that we can do to make you more comfortable please let us know.

We look forward to you being our guest.

Belle’s House

Belle’s Foundation for Self Realization

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