You and Your Universe

In keeping with the theme of a complete balanced  program, we just could not leave out the Universe and what it means to you. This is important, even though it is a short one week portion of the program, after all the question up for grabs today is do you live inside the universe or does the universe live inside of you?

We can’t have a complete understanding of ourselves if we don’t even know a little bit about how our planet was born.  How many times have you spent looking up at the stars and wishing upon a star for a wish to come true?  Yet most of us spend our lives looking downwards at the pavement engulfed in our problems, when the universe is so mystical & beautiful.

A look at the universe for one week will leave you in awe about the place where you spend your life, and this completes our wonderful 6 month residential program with you.  But that doesn’t mean it’s over, we have a wonderful after house program, either through our intensive 6 month Life Coaching Program or through our out of residence program.

The possibilities are infinite, by this stage of the program you will know who you are and where you want to go in your life.

Welcome to your world of change and infinite possibilities.

It’s been a pleasure.

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